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In memoriam of Danutė Janė Mardosienė


On August 19, 2020, our professional society lost a professional cartographer, a former employee of the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture, Danutė Janė Mardosienė. She was buried on August 22 at Stakliškiai Cemetery.

Danutė Janė Žiūkaitė-Mardosienė was born in Prienai district countryside. In 1965–1970 D. J. Mardosienė studied geography (cartography) at Vilnius University Faculty of Natural Sciences. After graduating from the University, in 1970, she began working in the Engineering Photogrammetry Laboratory of Vilnius University Faculty of Natural Sciences, which features photogrammetrically mapping cultural heritage monuments of Lithuania and neighboring countries (Latvia, Belarus) and creating photogrammetry archives. With good professional preparation since 1975, Prof. V. Chomski has been invited to teach cartography disciplines to students of the same faculty. Since 1980 as a responsible executive and later Head of the topics, Danutė mapped Lithuanian dynamic natural objects. The first objects were Vilnele and Neris river Great Outcrops, Lake Drūkšiai and Elektrėnai Water Storage, Kaunas Lagoon, the Baltic Sea Coastal Dynamic Zone, Curonian Spit Half-House Dunes. During the decades of field mapping practice, Danutė perfectly mastered the mapping techniques, mapping, atlas and printing technologies of various objects, their editing and adjustment.

In 1990, D. Mardosienė was invited to work as Chief cartography specialist of the Department of Natural Resources of the Lithuanian Geodesy Service. Later, after the establishment of the State Surveying Service under the Ministry of Construction and Urban Planning, she became Head of the Cartographic Division of this Service. On its initiative, the archives of geodesy and cartography were taken over from the Baltic Territorial Inspection Inspectorate in Riga in 1991. In 1993, she organized the signing of a technical and economic assistance agreement with the Swedish Satellitbild Corporation for the conclusion of the 1:50 000 scales of the space video digital map of the territory of Lithuania. On her initiative, aerial photography work was launched on the territory of Lithuania for the production of topographical and thematic maps. Since 1994 Danutė led the production of topographical map M 1:50 000 according to NATO standards. These topographical maps for national defense were one of Lithuania's contributions to NATO. These maps were highly positively assessed by specialists from the US Image and Mapping Agency NIMA (formerly the US Defence Agency for DMA). 1994 Danutė curated Lithuanian national atlas preparation work. Since 1995, she continued topographical and navigational mapping work in the territory of Lithuania, taking into account the needs of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, ministries, government institutions, other users. In the mapping section, problems were solved in the production of topographical, space image, air navigation, demarcation maps of the state border, territorial sea of the Republic of Lithuania, exclusive economic zone and continental shelf charts. In 1997, after the reorganisation of the State Office of Land Management and Surveying, Danutė continued working at the State Geodesy and Mapping Service under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. Together with other employees, she drafted the Law on Geodesy and Mapping of the Republic of Lithuania and other legislation.

From 2001 to 2012, Danutė worked at the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture, where she focussed on the application of modern technologies in mapping, the establishment of the Lithuanian National Atlas, the renewal of the mapping program of the territory of Lithuania, the economic zone and the continental shelf, and the development of technical regulations for surveying and cartographic. She led the scaling of 1:250000 aeronautical maps according to NATO standards and the production of digital orthophotographic maps, that are used as a cartographic basis for the development of thematic maps. From 2002 to 2007, Ms. Mardosienė was elected President of the Baltic Branch of the United Nations Expert Group on Geographical Names. Under the leadership of the Baltic Section, together with other specialists from the State Lithuanian Language Commission and other institutions, she represented Lithuania in New York, Berlin, at the sessions and conferences of the United Nations Expert Group on Geographical Names (UNGEGN) held in Vienna, and presented reports on the work done in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in the fields of national standardization of geographical names. In 2007, together with representatives of the responsible authorities of other countries, she participated in the work of the European Project on the Normalisation of Geographical Names (EuroGeoNames) in Madrid.

D. Mardosienė was not only concerned about her direct work but she also actively participated in the activities of the Lithuanian Society of Cartographers, the Lithuanian Geographical Society, the Lithuanian Photogrammetry and Distance Research Committee. Danutė Mardosienė was awarded various awards and appreciation documents the State Surveying and Mapping Service under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, the Ministry of Agriculture, and other institutions for her fair and long-term work in organizing mapping works on the territory of Lithuania. She was a great example of a person‘s abilities and scope of activities when there are a strong belief and purpose in the work.

On behalf of UNGEGN Baltic Department, colleagues from cartography and toponymy fields from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, we express our deepest condolences to Danutė‘s family, friends, and former colleagues.



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