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On July 1, the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

Further down is a brief survey of the institution's history and current activities.

The staff of the institution countrywide constitutes 963 public servants.

The National land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture was founded on July 1, 2001. Two establishments with common aims and a compatible field of activities were then merged into one – Land Administration and Law Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and the Service of Geodesy and Carthography under the Government of Lithuania.

On July 1, 2010, upon the dissolution of the administrative function of county governors, their previous tasks of controlling over the divisions of land management and other county head administrative functions, related with land management, were taken over by the National Land Service. To perform these functions, over 48 regional management divisions were created, expecting them to cater for all county areas of the state. On April 2, 2012 a renewed administrative structure was introduced, which was authorized with executing the state policy in land administration via 50 territorial and management sections with the headquarters in the capital city Vilnius.

Meanwhile 963 public servants are occupied at the fifty units of National Land Service. The Service is aimed at offering maximum availability of its support to the population, in that the judgements on land privatisation or the legalization of unrewarded land use can be passed by the local NLS administrative bodies. It is a determination of the Service to make the procedure between a person's submitting an application for either land ownership or rental and the act of land designation as short as possible.

64 services offered

At the present moment the National Land Service provides the general public with 64 civic and administrative services including licences of land purchase for the needs of farming, acceptance of land plot formation and reformation projects, temporary grants of land use for farming activities, approval of land expropriation projects, sales and rent of state land and the like. Over 0.5 million documents, such as applications, complaints and reports from both private people and legal entities are being annually processed at the National Land service. The same amount of replies to individuals and offices are made ready there.

A fifth of the entire Lithuania’s land owned

The main objectives of the National Land Service are to implement the state policy in the field of land management and administration, real property cadastre, geodesy and carthography. The National Land Service ensures legal regulation of land relations in the implementation of land use planning documents and carries out their supervision. The Service also performs functions of a state land legal subject trust (trustee) and owns a fifth of the entire Lithuanian land, i.e. 1.05 million hectares. The National Land Service also organizes and pursues state control of land use. Fifteen years ago, when the Service was established, the major task was restoration of ownership rights to the land, forests or water bodies that had been owned until nationalization. Currently the reimbursement process is drawing to an end. Following the data from April 1, 2016, citizen‘s property rights to land in the countryside have been restored to 99.74 percent of the whole area dealt with in the applications, while in urban areas land reimbursement amounts to 89.11 per cent.

Geodesy and cartography

Apart from land administration and management, another important field of activity of the National Land Service is geodesy and cartography. The Service performs the formation and updating of the state's geodetic basis, public georeferenced spatial data sets, coordinates activities of aerophotography and carries out renewal of orthophotographic maps. It also organizes the Lithuanian state border surveying and mapping work.

According to the legal acts the Service administers respective exclusive economic rights of authors of georereferenced-based maps, state orthophotographic maps, public georeferenced spatial data sets and establishes the procedure for the provision of data users. It also manages the Lithuanian Spatial Information portal (LEIP), Land Information System (ZIS), Global Positioning System Network of Permanent Stations of the Lithuanian Republic (LITPOS), Georeference-based Cadastre (GRPK).

Every year the National Land Service issues 400 qualification certificates, carries out supervision of the country‘s surveyors, geodeists and land management project promoters‘ activities. It also coordinates the land value mapping work, controls land mass valuation work, is involved in the development of the Republic of Lithuania's State Land Fund accounting data.



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