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Developing anti-corruption measures, the National Land Service intensifies its internal controls and cooperation with law enforcement institutions.


In the last month, since the meeting between Daiva Gineikaite, Director of the National Land Service and Saulius Urbonavičius, Director of the Special Investigation Service 3 pre-trial investigations regarding possible corruption offenses at regional offices of the National Land Service have been started.

„The National Land Service currently focusses on effective internal controls as well as seeks new corruption prevention measures, ways and methods, that is why the assistance of the Special Investigation Service is of great importance to us in this field“, says D.Gineikaite.

This year for potentially improper performance of duties or conflict of public and private interest 35 personal service checkings have been started at the Service.

First anti-corruption activity results are pleasing and assistance of law enforcement entities to make our work more transparent is encouraging. Finally all ill things which had happened once come to the surface. We will continue being intolerant to misrule and will observe our principles”, stressed D. Gineikaitė. “Also we will proceed with observation of the situation and will provide operative information regarding our suspicions”.

In August the National Land Service started long-term revision program of regional divisions of the Service. “We pay visits to the regional divisions almost on a daily basis, revise what is to be changed. We also meet with residents, mayors, other representatives of municipalities. They can tell us directly what are the shortcomings, what things should be changed and improved”, said D. Gineikaitė. During the inspections close attention is being paid not only to land reform, but also to the transparency, public relations and efficiency issues”.

Agreement between the National Land Service and the Special Investigation Service was signed in October, 2013. In accordance with the agreement, the Service provides information to the SIS based on the accumulated data from the information systems. The National Land Service is obliged to operatively inform the SIS about suspicious offences on possible corruption related criminal activities found at run time of office functions.

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