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Lithuanian National Atlas is a carto-graphical work of an encyclopedic character, representing political independence, territorial integrity, which objectively summarizes the natural resources of the mapped state, economics, social and cultural phenomena, education, science and history. Facing Lithuanian Statehood Restoration 100th anniversary – Volume IIII of the National Atlas was prepared and published for the occasion.

”We are proud to present such an important publication unique to the whole society - Volume III of the Lithuanian National Atlas" – a symbolic Lithuanian state passport ", says Laimonas Čiakas, Director of the National Land Service.

III volume of the National Atlas

The Lithuanian National Atlas volume III, designed for the territorial and demographic, social, economic and cultural conditions and development of Lithuania, has been compiled and published on behalf of the National Land Service.

The works of the Lithuanian national atlas were made by scientists from Vilnius University. Volume III of the National Atlas of Lithuania consists of six chapters: "Territorial administrative division", "Population", "Social status and development", "Land and forestry", "Natural resources extraction and industry", "Transport and communications".

"This volume III of the Lithuanian National Atlas reflects the political, economic, social, cultural and historical changes that have taken place at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries. The atlas consists of six large chapters illustrating the development of the country's administrative division at the end of the 20th century - the beginning of the 21st century; the dynamics of the population, the national structure, the confession of religions and prevailing political attitudes; the social status of the country's population and its development over the last decades; economic state of land, development of land and forestry; minerals extraction and industrial development; national transport system, passenger and cargo transportation, forms and scope of communication services. The chapter consists of a set of maps of individual topics, which reveals the structure of mapped phenomena and their evolution. The chapter consists of a set of maps of individual topics, which reveals the structure of mapped phenomena and their evolution. Such a principle allowed the authors of the maps to fully demonstrate the essence of phenomena and processes, to visualize their spatial distribution, territorial patterns and changes, "said Saulius Stanaitis, professor of social sciences (HP).

The atlas is an important part of the country image

When deciding on the strategic development issues of the state, the tasks of forming the national image in the world, the national atlas is one of the core publications providing generalized objective information on the wide range of state activities and areas of activity. The fact that we have the national atlas of Lithuania shows that the state is able to provide complex data about its state geographically.

The atlas, as a set of state system information, is an important and necessary tool for learning, teaching and education. Without this information, quality planning and management of the state cannot be guaranteed.

Exclusivity of atlases

The first two National Atlas volumes were released and presented to the public in 2015 and 2017. In 2015, the first volume of Lithuanian national atlas was released, which consisted of two parts - "Lithuania in the World and Europe" and "Nature and Landscape". The second volume of the atlas is devoted to the history of the state of Lithuania, it consists of 176 maps, most of which were created specifically for this publication in accordance with historical sources, using the latest mapping technologies. Most of the maps are complemented by comprehensive historical texts about the period and subject displayed, and the visual material is complemented by old photographs.

The national atlas is distinguished not only by its utmost importance, but also by an unusual size – a book 48 cm long and 54 cm wide weighs about 4 pounds. All three Atlas volumes are issued in 500 copies.

Publicly available in major libraries

The Lithuanian National Atlas is available at the six largest Lithuanian libraries: Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, Vilnius University Library, Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Kaunas County Public Library, Klaipėda University Library and Šiauliai University Library.


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