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In order to ensure effective protection of state land, the National Land Service (NLS) in all cases, initiates legal proceedings for those who have committed violations and who have not eliminated them. Such actions are provided for in the updated Regulations for the State Control of Land Use. They have been updated in order to strengthen the efficiency of elimination of violations of state land use regulations.

In case individuals do not eliminate the violation established by the Regulations within the specified time limit, not later than within three months from the date of repeated inspection of land use, court proceedings will be prepared and appealed against the obligation to eliminate the violation.

After the change of rules, NLS will have the right not to inform about its actions by organizing unplanned land use inspections of land plot and / or state land area, not created by a separate plot that is not transferred to third parties. Prior to the change of these rules, in all cases (whether it was planned or not planned inspection (on the basis of the received request or complaint)), it was mandatory to notify the land user or owners of land adjacent to the object to be checked about the date and time of the expected inspection. However, specialists of the NLS often encountered cases where the land owners or users informed about the inspection eliminated the violations, but after the inspections were finished, the violations were repeated.

Aiming to ensure the protection of the largest state property - land, the National Land Service carries out systematic planned state control of land use. Taking into account the trends of violations detected in recent years, the specialists of the NLS have scheduled more than 11 thousand priority inspections of state control of land use throughout Lithuania for 2017. During these inspections the land plots of state land rented out for the purpose of temporarily operating agricultural land, the abandoned land plots, land plots bordering with water bodies and other land plots are inspected.

Before 1 January of each year by organizing scheduled inspections, the Director of the NLS approves the annual plan of land management works. The heads of the territorial units of the NLS annually, by the 15th day of the first month of the next quarter, approve the list of planned land use inspections.

Annually NLS carries out around 9 thousand inspections of state land use. During this year, the number of unplanned inspections already reaches 3 and a half thousand. The planned ones comprise 5 thousand inspections.


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