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The National Land Service (NLS) has successfully completed its second co-operation project - "Exchange of Knowledge and Best Practices on Digital Archives and ICT Process Optimization between the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania and the relevant Icelandic and Danish authorities". This project was largely funded by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Program for Public Administration 2019.

Within the framework of this project, representatives of the NLS paid working visits to the Kingdom of Denmark and the Republic of Iceland.


In Denmark, the project partners were the Danish Geodata Agency and the Danish Data Supply and Efficiency Agency. During their visits to the institutions, the NLS representatives listened to the presentations on activities of the institutions, key areas and aspirations of the institutions, the digitization situation in Denmark, historical maps and their storage, implementation of data protection and archival digitization, real estate registration, cadastral maps and registers and other relevant information.

In Iceland, relations have been established with the Icelandic National Land Survey and the Registers of Iceland. The visit to Iceland included presentations by both parties on the institutions' activities, strategies and achievements, both in key activities and in the areas of information technology and digitalisation of archives. The NLS was interested in the state-of-the-art tools used to digitize large-scale maps, archives and other documentation needed to provide services to people living in Iceland to ensure the highest quality of customer service. Best practices were also shared to ensure personal data protection and compliance with quality standards within the institutions.

“This year, the NLS continued strengthening its international cooperation by gaining knowledge and sharing best practices with the Icelandic and Danish authorities. We perform very responsible functions in the country, therefore we aim to increase the efficiency of the institution in the field of document management and personal service, i.e. we intend to digitize some of the archives stored in the territorial divisions of the National Land Service and create an electronic archive of archived documents that will more easily accessible to all. That is why the experience of our Nordic colleagues is really rewarding," says Laimonas Čiakas, Director of the NLS.



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