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On October 4, 2021 our community lost Edmandas Šleiteris, a professional surveyor and former employee of the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 1969 after graduating in geodesy from Kaunas Polytechnic Institute (now - Kaunas University of Technology), E. Šleiteris started working in Vilnius, at the Research Department of the Urban Construction Design Institute, established in 1971. At the Institute of Engineering Research, E. Šleiteris worked as an engineer for the formation of the geodetic basis of cities and settlements, later as the group leader. In 1978–1980 being a specialist in Geodesy, he designed and built irrigation systems in the Arabian Peninsula, the Republic of Yemen. In 1984-1986 E. Šleiteris worked in Vilnius as Chief Surveyor - Head of the Geodesy Division of the Chief Board of Architecture and Planning, later in 1986-1991 he was a Chief Specialist of the Urban Construction Design Institute. After the restoration of Lithuania's independence, in 1991, E. Šleiteris was invited to work in the State Geodetic Service (now the National Land Service) as the Head of the Geodesy Division.

E. Šleiteris organized the work of updating the state geodetic base and large-scale topographic mapping and the preparation of their normative documents, the creation of the network of permanent stations of the Global Positioning System of the Republic of Lithuania (LitPOS), delimitation and demarcation of the state border. E. Šleiteris was a member of the cross-border delimitation and demarcation commissions for long years.

On June 19 , the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs awarded E. Šleiteris the badge of honor "Lithuanian Millennium Star" for the demarcation of the Lithuanian state border with Belarus.

On June 10, 2016 the Director of the National Land Service (NLS) awarded E. Šleiteris the badge of honor of the National Land Service for his significant contribution to solving state tasks in the field of geodesy.

All colleagues and friends who have worked and interacted with Edmandas Šleiteris extend sincere condolences to the family and beloved ones. In the memory of all who have known him, the deceased will remain as a restrained, trustworthy, and honest man, a high professional in his field.



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