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From September 13 to ensure safe, efficient and uninterrupted customer service and the safety of its employees the National Land Service (NLS) will only serve customers with a passport of opportunity through direct contact.

The opportunity passport must be presented on a smartphone or printed out for access by an NLS employee. By providing information and consulting the population through direct contact, the conditions for managing the flow of persons, maintaining a safe distance, and other requirements for public health safety, hygiene, and provision of persons with necessary personal protective equipment set by the State-level Emergency Operations Manual will be ensured.

For persons without such a passport, the NLS specialists will provide information and consultations remotely - by telephone and e-mail only. You can find the contacts (telephone number and e-mail) of all NLS employees on the website

Applications can be submitted by direct contact with the NLS with an opportunity passport, and without an opportunity passport, such requests can be submitted by post, e-mail, signed with a qualified electronic signature to the e-mail address of the territorial division, as well as by logging in to the Electronic Government Gateway ( when the service “Acceptance and examination of a personal complaint or request” is selected.

The Opportunity Passport is a tool in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The state institutions of the Republic of Lithuania oblige the state institutions to require the opportunity passport.

Information on how to obtain an opportunity passport is published at

Additional information

NLS currently provides as many as 53 administrative services, most of which are provided electronically. To improve the provision of administrative services and to ensure an increase in the number of electronically provided services, the NLS expands the range of such services every year.



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