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The National Land Service (NLS) now invites the reporting of observed land-use violations on a special website, which is also adapted for mobile devices. It will be easy and convenient for residents to use the created Land Use State Control website.

Land Use State Control Website

We created this website to promote people's dissatisfaction with possible land-use violations, to increase people's interest and activity in participating in state land-use control activities. A person who notifies us of a violation on this site, marks the location of the violation on an interactive map and attaches a photo will be able to monitor the entire process of examining and verifying their report and clearly know the result, i.e. y. know whether the report has been confirmed and by when the breach must be remedied. Violations can be reported without disclosing your identity, although, of course, at least the minimum contact details would be desirable if we needed to clarify the information provided, ” says Laimonas Čiakas, Director of the NLS.

Residents will have the opportunity to report abandoned agricultural land, arbitrarily occupied and/or used land, as well as land used for other purposes, as well as other violations of the land use procedure assigned to the NLS.

All reports received from the population will reach the territorial divisions of the NJT according to the location of the possible violation. The specialists of the territorial divisions will evaluate, process and perform the actions specified in the legal acts necessary for the examination of the notification and elimination of the violation.

On the website, citizens will also be able to get acquainted with the planned annual land-use inspections in each territorial section of the NLS, as well as where and how many LNGs carry out land-use inspections per year, how many violations are detected. In addition, other relevant statistical information on state control of land use will be available here.

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