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During the second quarter of this year, the territorial divisions of the National Land Service (NNT) carried out more than 3,000 land use inspections, of which 1,943 were planned inspections and 1,140 were unscheduled inspections carried out according to the received reports.


During these inspections, more than 1,400 violations of the land use procedure were identified (924 violations were detected during planned inspections, 557 violations - during unscheduled inspections).

Arbitrary occupations (854) and land abandonments (542) accounted for the largest share of irregularities.

All inspections carried out by the State Control of Land-Use in the second quarter of 2021 are marked on an interactive map.

 “To achieve the efficiency and quality of scheduled inspections, we use modern information technologies in our work. We have introduced new risk management tools, modernized inspection selection processes, and are increasingly applying various GIS tools. The application of all these modern measures allows for more efficient and faster detection of land-use violations, ” says Rasa Kavaliauskien─Ś, Adviser of the State Control Division of Land Use of the NLS.

To encourage greater participation of citizens in the activities of the State Control of Land Use, the NLS plans to make it possible shortly to inform the public about the observed violations of the land use procedure on a website adapted for mobile devices (using the electronic service of the State Land Use Control). This will allow  reporting a possible violation faster and more conveniently, without disclosing your identity, and monitoring the examination of the submitted report.

 The NLS also pays a lot of attention to raising the awareness of landowners and users by providing information to individuals about the correct use of land. This year, the Control Questionnaire on Land-Use Requirements for Land Users was updated and supplemented with legal provisions, which gives people even more clarity about which legal provisions and obligations all landowners and users should comply with when using land plots or state land plots.

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