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According to the latest sociological survey “Corruption Map of Lithuania 2020”, neither the country's residents nor the heads of business enterprises classify the National Land Service (NLS) as one of the most corrupt institutions. Comparing the results of this study with 2019, the results of a similar survey show that all target groups of respondents were significantly more positive about the activities of NLS.

"We greatly appreciate the opinion and experience of the respondents, as well as all those who approached the NLS and its territorial units and addressed various issues. The changes are obvious, and the constant efforts and patient work to ensure fair, transparent, and responsible activities in the institution yield positive results,” says Laimonas Čiakas, the director of the NLS.

The NLS will continue to work to improve the quality of the Office's administrative and public services, increase the transparency, openness, and accountability of its decisions and procedures, and further strengthen the NLS's resilience to corruption.

According to Laimonas Čiakas, the director of the NLS, the anti-corruption management system developed in accordance with the best global anti-corruption practice and meeting the international requirements of the ISO 37001 standard also helps to achieve ambitious goals. The National Land Service is the first budgetary institution in Lithuania to implement the above-mentioned anti-corruption management system.

The Helpline, which has been operating for many years, can also be of great help, as it can be used to report employee misconduct. Messages can be safely left by individuals on the NLS website or on the 24-hour telephone line no. 8 706 85555. The received information is constantly analyzed, and in case of violations, immediate measures are taken to eliminate them.

The sociological study “Corruption Map of Lithuania 2020”, commissioned by the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania, 2020 November - 2021 conducted in January by the Public Opinion and Market Research Center Vilmorus. As every year, three target groups were surveyed: Lithuanian residents, business leaders and civil servants. A total of 1,006 Lithuanian residents, 510 business leaders, and 554 civil servants were interviewed.




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National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture. Code 188704927
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State Budgetary Institution. Data have been accumulated and stored in the Register of Legal Entities.

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